DragonVale World - One of the best mobile games

Hey Guys,

Another week has passed, which means a new post about a game I have been playing for the last couple of days.

You know that I am into mobile games just as much as PC games. This past week I gave a try one of the most popular mobile games that one can run on iOS and on Android, too. It is called DragonVale World. I am sure most of you have already heard of it, maybe some of you have even played with it.

another dragonvale image for you guys

Anyways, for those who don’t know, this is a game where you need to collect as many dragons as possible. Then you can customize them in different ways, make your own park of dragons etc. Everything is pretty straight forward. Don’t expect this to be the game that will make you think a lot. It is more like about fun. But loads of that.

The makers made a great job making this game stand out from the crowd. It does so by giving a special experience that is hard to describe. One thing is sure: it is a really good game that makes you want to play more and more. I rarely feel this when playing with games.

I knew that DragonVale World is a mobile game popular worldwide but I wanted to know how popular it is exactly. There are a couple of things that help you guess the popularity of any games. One of them is how many times it was downloaded or bought. This data is publicly available. The second DragonVale game was downloaded at least a couple of million times. That is really good!

I also made a search for different keywords related to the game. It always returned at least a couple of ten of thousand search results which is pretty impressive, too.
While searching for different keywords, I came through this website: www.dragonvalefreegems.com/ 

According to what I have found on this DragonVale World related site, there is a hack tool made by a group of fans. With the free gem generator you can generate unlimited amount of gems in the game for free. Thus, you can get access to special features and simply, you can achieve certain things in the game more quickly. So, if you don’t mind using such “unethical” tools to get certain advantages, you can give it a try. It is supposed to work very well based on reviews I have found on the net.  You can easily find it by searching for DragonVale World Cheat Tool in any search engine.

No matter whether you will play fair or will use cheat codes, you will definitely enjoy this amazing game. Don’t hesitate, download it right now!

Hey you! Welcome to my website! I am so glad to have you here. I am going to regularly post about different kinds of mobile games I play with but mostly games about dragons. Heck the reason for the name of my blog: I am a fan of dragons. If you are, too follow my journey to discover the best dragon mobile games ever!

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